NECE 76-2

The Model NECE 76-2 is a tone generator used for cable pair identification and troubleshooting of copper conductors.



  • Central Office
  • CEV’s
  • Remote Terminal
  • Wherever Cable Pair Identification is Needed


  • Low Cost
  • Easy permanent installation
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Operates on -48V. battery
  • 577.5Hz tone pulsed at 7 Hz
  • Plug interlock provides auto on and off
  • Rugged construction and reliability
  • LED power and output indicators


The Model NECE 76-2 Conductor Identification Tone Generator is designed to aid outside service personnel in cable pair maintenance and identification.  The unit generates a tone of 5777.5 Hz pulsed at 7 Hz rate, easily distinguished from other call progress tones, saving time in location and repairing cable problems.  Powering the unit from the office battery supply is convenient and economical.  Permanently mounting the unit near the cable pairs makes for easy patching and eliminates problems encountered with portable equipment.   Plugging in the patch cord power up the unit, and LED indicators display “Power On”  and “Tone Output”.  No maintenance is required and with their low initial cost, more than one NECE 76-2 Conductor Identification Generator may be convenient for some locations.

Optional Plug:

CE412 – Plug only
CE412/12 – Plug with 12′ coiled cord
CE412/25 – Plug with 25′ coiled cord

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Telecom Division Contacts:

Russ Arslanian, Sales/Marketing
Bill Murrin, Technical/Engineering
Dave Klingbeil, Technical/Engineering
Cora Rodgers, Administrative
Jenny Getchell, Administrative